Singing and Moving Throughout the Year!

Children learn best when they are playing together, having fun, and involving their whole bodies and senses.

Liederturnen is a German holistic program that uniquely combines music and movement to promote the development of children at home, at kindergarten or within other preschool settings.

Singing and moving throughout the year!

The holistic German program for families and preschool settings to promote the development of children.

Children's Songs

The central element of Liederturnen is the music. New children's songs invite the kids to move, dance, sing, or simply relax. Each song is related to either the immediate environment children grow up in, the cycle of nature, or the world of imagination.

Holistic Approach

Our view of the child is holistic. We put great emphasis on supporting the personal development and self-confidence of every child. Action-oriented learning with Liedertunen has the power to positively influence crucial development areas such as motor, language, musical, rhythmical, and cognitive skills. Beyond that, Liederturnen fosters emotional and social competencies. It is our objective to make an important contribution to both the physical health and mental well-being of children.

What Tolly Turnmouse does, you can do, too!

Learning with Fun

The Liederturnen program is based on two important notions regarding how children learn during their preschool years.
First, Gerald Hüther, a well-known and often quoted German biologist believes that every learning process begins with one's own physical body.
Second, according to Renate Zimmer, an educational theorist focused on early childhood and professor of sport science, a child learns when it is playing. However, it never plays because of learning but because the activity gives it a feeling of joy.
Therefore, our conclusion and motto for Liederturnen is: Children learn best when they are playing together, having fun, and involving their whole bodies and senses.
Singing and moving
Singing and moving

Tolly Turnmouse

Tolly Turnmouse is Liederturnen´s little mascot children can identify with. Tolly is a kind, playful, and adventurous little mouse that encourages children to participate, along the lines of “What Tolly can do, you can do, too!”

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